March 10, 2023

Eating and greeting

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Eating’s a social pastime! Gathering round the table, savouring tasty and nutritious meals, and enjoying one another’s company - it’s a great way to tick all the boxes of feeling fulfilled!

The Feeding Rotorua Charitable Trust knows all too well the impact shared meals have. They serve buffet-style meals to Rotorua’s homeless and those who are hungry seven days, every week. Feeding Rotorua wants to meet folks’ hunger needs but do so in a social way so as to maintain their dignity and respect. They greet them as equals and want them to feel valued as people, because that’s how it should be.

But Feeding Rotorua relies on the generosity of others to reach out to Rotorua’s disadvantaged, and this is where Rotorua Social Club – who also focus on food and being social – comes in. 

Rotorua Social Club paid-it-forward 20 of their scrumptious meals to Feeding Rotorua to help them in their bid to offer a better future for the locals in need.

“The staff is always friendly and polite when we go in. One of the great things about Social Club is that they're always courteous to whoever comes through their doors.” She added that, “The meals were awesome! Hot, flavourful, and not too heavy on the stomach. Everyone loved them.”


Community Connector, Feeding Rotorua

The best part is that everyone can enjoy Rotorua Social Club’s delectable meals and take part in feeding those in need. Rotorua Social Club can be found on Amohia Street and serves up everything from delicious breakfasts to dinners.

Corporate partner HospoConnect, a wholesale food and beverage supplier, was also in on the food and social connection by paying-it-forward generously to help the meals go further.

If you’re not based in Rotorua, head to our marketplace to see where else you can pay-it-forward.

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