February 10, 2023

Rotorua’s top traits

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When most of us think of Rotorua, the first things that come to mind are; a place of proud Māori cultural heritage, beautiful forests, boiling mud, hot pools and that distinctive aroma.  We should also be adding community and helping others in need to that list, because that’s something our Rotorua business partners and charities partners do well.


One of which is Feeding Rotorua, a charitable trust that feeds Rotorua’s homeless seven days per week. Its aim is to give back value and hope to the homeless or “streeties” of Rotorua. Those involved with Feeding Rotorua have “a heart for the broken, the unloved and the hungry”.


Supporting Feeding Rotorua is Rotorua Social Club (at 1160 Amohia Street in Rotorua) who paid-it-forward 20 of their delectable meals to assist the charity and care for the needy in their local community.

Next time you’re in Rotorua enjoying the cultural heritage or hot pools, why not become part of its generous community by paying-it-forward at Rotorua Social Club? It makes their delicious meals and drink taste even more satisfying.

If you’re not in Rotorua, head to our marketplace to see where you can pay-it-forward in your area.

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