April 6, 2023

Keep smiling!

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Do you remember as a kid hiding your newly-dropped-out-tooth under your pillow and trying to stay awake until the tooth fairy came? Did anyone see her? No, we didn’t either! Sadly, some adults’ teeth also fall out due to a lack of money to pay dentists’ bills.


Nostalgically, Tooth Fairy Dental was set up in the Bay of Plenty in 2001 and has clinics in Bethlehem, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke to help you with all forms of dental treatment, although they do not leave money under your pillow! They also offer private dental care for kids aged 5 to 13 years.


Part of their bid to offer a better future for people around us, Tooth Fairy Dental has a special initiative—Kind Smiles—to offer free dental treatment to people in need in the local community. Tooth Fairy Dental paid-it-forward $120 worth of services to Kind Smiles to put a smile on the dial of those who cannot such afford dental care.


Corporate partner Mount Main Street, the business hub of Mount Maunganui, helped out with the paying-it-forward so there are lots more people about, smiling and grinning!


Next time you're at Tooth Fairy Dental for a check up or to soothe a toothache, add a little to your bill so that they can continue offering free care to others who cannot afford such treatments.

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