January 16, 2023

The Greenhouse feeds locals in need

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🍝Pasta … 🥗salads … 🍔burgers …. These are just some of the tasty treats served up by The Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar in Rotorua. However, not everyone can enjoy these meals. So, for some time now, The Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar, situated in Tutanekai Street, has been giving away thirty meals to those in need in the Rotorua area every two weeks. Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar wants to be part of meeting a need in Rotorua and uses their culinary skills to do so.


Percy from the Feeding Rotorua Charitable Trust has been collecting the meals from the Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar and helps deliver them to those who need.

Percy says, “again, thank you very much for doing this for us; it’s helped a lot.”

The Feeding Rotorua Charitable Trust has a vision to help feed and generally help the homeless in the city. Such restaurant meals have been such a treat as well as a need for those with no fixed abode. The recipients are very grateful 💚


The Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar partners with GoGenerosity to help the Rotorua people. The Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar is a family-owned business and likes what GoGenerosity stands for: helping others and using the pay-it-forward model for a better future for—in this case—people in Rotorua. Next time you are enjoying a delicious meal at the Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar, think about adding a little extra as you pay for your meals so that others may also be able to share in The Greenhouse Kitchen and Bar’s delectable meals as well.

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