Meeting people's needs

December 28, 2020

Often it can be unexpected and devastating circumstances that put families in a position of need. Losing a loved one, being made redundant, or losing your home are just some of the ways that a family can go from having everything they need, to having to build their lives back up from the rubble. In those times it can be overwhelming to know where to begin or to ask for help, but it’s the small things that can help get families through. 

Like a single mum who received meals from Rain Bar through our Charity Partner, Curate Cares. Her family had lost a loved one, and were all walking through a tough journey of grief. She was having to make a regular 7 hour drive to see her extended family and help with all the hard things that need to be done when someone you love passes away. 

She was so grateful to receive the meals, and sent a message saying “Thank you for the meals on Tuesday night from Rain Bar; they were such generous portions for my growing crew.  It was lovely to not have to think about dinner while trying to catch up on the backlog of work I have. Trying to juggle everything while grieving and travelling backwards and forwards has been, and will be for the foreseeable future, a major job. This really helped.”

GoGenerosity is all about partnering with Charities to make sure the goods and services from our Business partners get to those who need them. Something as small as a good meal can have a huge impact on a family who carries the burden of struggling to make ends meet. Through GoGenerosity, small pay-it-forward donations add up to provide families in need with quality meals from our businesses partners.

Written by
Ben Rolfe

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