January 16, 2023

Mockingbird's first paid-forward meals!

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Do you enjoy casual get-togethers for fun times and laughter? Do you like good and healthy meals made with fresh and seasonal produce? If you answered yes to these questions, head on down to Casual Kitchen at 56 Devonport Road in Tauranga. Not only do they offer such delicious treats as Take My Time Lamb Filo Pie and Seafood Chowder Pie, they can deliver this delicious fare to your home as well. What a treat! Fans of Casual Kitchen’s meals think they are “simply delicious!” Casual Kitchen has a philosophy of: “two things should be constant: creating joy in life, and great, quality food.” What’s more, they have lived by this philosophy in giving joy with their food in the form of 10 delicious meals to Mockingbird Tauranga.


Mockingbird Tauranga is a charitable trust that was set up in 2016. Its vision is to create a “supportive environment where neurodiversity and special abilities are celebrated and unique guidance is provided.” They focus on the 5% of people in the community who look at and experience life in a different way. Neurodiversity means that differences are celebrated and not viewed as deficits. Mockingbird Tauranga was very grateful to Casual Kitchen—and GoGenerosity—for the meals that came their way.

They said: “These meals are taking a weight off our families during tough times and lifting spirits knowing people truly care.”

S&L Land Specialists are a corporate partner of Casual Kitchen. What does that mean? S&L also believe in meeting community needs and pay-it-forward, every month, to Casual Kitchen to amplify the amount of meals they’re able to provide. S&L are proud to support Casual Kitchen and Mockingbird Tauranga to make a difference in our community.

PS Casual Kitchen also makes delicious desserts!

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