January 16, 2023

Pizza party

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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Even as an adult pizza always feels like a fun choice, it makes dinner so much more exciting than your standard meal.

However for the people supported by Under the Stars Tauranga (UtST) food insecurity is common. This means any meal they don’t have to stress or worry about is exciting, pizza or not. 

Every Saturday UtST puts on a dinner, and every Thursday a lunch, to support the homeless and needy in Tauranga. They’ve had up to 100 guests attend previous dinners in need of food. 

Recently they were able to offer gourmet pizza and part of their dinner menu thanks to the generous pay-it-forwards from DOCA Cafe and Pizza Bar

12 pizzas were freshly prepared and paid-forward to UtST thanks to the generosity of DOCAs customers, DOCA’s own donations, and the generosity of their corporate partner S&L Land Specialists.

If you’d like to be part of alleviating the stress of food insecurity and adding some fun into locals in need’s weeks, head along to DOCA and pay-it-forward along with your meal. The smallest amounts can combine to make a huge difference when we do it together.

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