January 16, 2023

Rain Bar meals for kids in foster care

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During my high school years, I had the privilege of being a caregiver to these young kids at Homes of Hope, and I can't remember a time when we received restaurant quality meals for the kids. It's something a lot of them would have never experienced, so it's special to hear this story. I know the kids I was looking after would have been over the moon to have a special meal like this, so I imagine

The children there were stoked when they found out they were getting dinner from a restaurant 🍽

And as a caregiver, meal times are usually the most stressful times of the day, so to have a gourmet meal prepared for everyone would have been a huge weight lifted, giving them more energy to play and interact with the kids.

A huge thank you to Rain Bar and their customers for paying-forward such a great experience to these kids. If you'd like to play your part in the next story like this, check out our business partner directory below to see which of your favourite local businesses are paying-it-forward for a better future ✨

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