Working together for real impact

December 31, 2020

We believe the greatest impact can take place when we work together. GoGenerosity is all about empowering Charities to keep doing what they do best, with less hassle and less cost. We know that many Charities specialise in helping people with specific needs, and are the ones with boots on the ground in local communities. Through GoGenerosity pay it-forward donations, we supply charities with goods and services to give to people they know need it most, and in turn we see communities impacted by meeting a wide range of needs.

We loved hearing how Linkt Community Trust chose to use some of the meals they received from The Atrium Cafe:

“We continue to love working with GoGenerosity. This week we distributed some amazing meals from The Atrium Cafe. The frozen meals went to a young mum in need, and to a counsellor who has many clients who are doing it tough. The fresh meals all went to a group who have been learning Te Reo together via zoom this year, so that they could celebrate and finish their year enjoying a meal together.”

GoGenerosity exists to see more people be more generous, more often. As Businesses, Customers, and Charities all do their little bit, we believe we can see big needs met. “Alone we can do a little; together we can do so much” - Helen Keller.

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