January 16, 2023

20 meat packs for hungry older locals

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Age Concern Tauranga identified 20 older people through Accessible Housing who they knew would benefit from 20 delicious and nutritious meat packs. These were paid-forward thanks Bethlehem Butchery and their generous customers adding a little bit to their own butchery purchases and the corporate donations of local land surveyors S&L Land Specialists.

Tanya from Age Concern says meat is not usually the top of the list for people where money is tight and the people who did receive meat were overwhelmed. They had a knock at the door and were surprised with a meat pack! Many were speechless, in shock, in tears, doubtful, "Are you sure this is for me?!"

These meat packs are also given to people who come into the Age Concern Tauranga offices in a difficult position. Often they can be in tears, so for them it's wonderful for older people to know other people care. This is encouraging in a world where they often feel isolated and left behind.

Thank you so much to all those people who have been paying-it-forward when buying your meat from Bethlehem Butchery, and of course thank you to the team at Bethlehem Butchery for being committed to generosity as part of their every day.

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