March 24, 2023

Continually grazing

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Parents will know, growing kids usually have big appetites. As they get bigger so does the food bill, especially as they hit the rapid physical and mental growth of teenage years. They’re always grazing or looking for snacks. It can be a strain for some families to just keep the kids fed.


Kura Kai, or food for schools, is aware of this hardship for some families. Because they want to offer a better future for our rangatahi (young people), Kura Kai have made it their mission to offer healthy and delicious meals to students who need them so they can think and work better in school and have a better chance of completing their high school education.  Partnering secondary schools are given a chest freezer by Kura Kai whose volunteers then stock the freezers with frozen meals to be distributed as the schools see a need. How good is that?


Businesses are also part of the generosity and giving to Kura Kai. One such business is The Roaming Giant that paid-it-forward 40 meals to Kura Kai to help keep their freezers well stocked. That’s a lot of grateful students and their families!


The Roaming Giant, a colossal eatery at 789 Heaphy Terrace in Hamilton, is used to feeding hungry people. They offer a variety of tasty meals, including Slow Cooked Pork Belly and Salmon Fillet Salad, not to mention an array of pizzas, burgers and tacos. And, there’s the dessert menu as well … The Roaming Giant also has specials on most days of the week – why not check these out?

If you or someone you know has a healthy appetite, head along to The Roaming Giant and, when you pay your bill, think about adding a little extra so that it can continue with its pay-it-forwards to Kura Kai to help keep rangatahi and their families’ bellies full.

To see the impact small pay-it-forward amounts can have, head to The Roaming Giant Generosity HUB. It all adds up.

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