January 27, 2023

Helping volunteers reload

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Megan Raynor

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There’s nothing quite like a wee pick-me-up of a coffee and something yummy from a cafe cabinet. Especially when it’s been generously gifted to you.

Reload Coffee - an incredible cafe in Leamington, Cambridge - has partnered with GoGenerosity to support volunteers and charity workers by helping them reload with coffee and food.

They do this by paying-it-forward to Cambridge Community House, so the support workers and those they help can come across the road for a treat.

Thanks to the generosity of their customers and their corporate partners, Reload recently paid-forward $256.20 worth of coffees and food. That’s over 21 people supported through food and coffee!

Cambridge Community House is a place where locals can come for help, whether it is counselling or budget advice, or help finding school uniforms or food when it is needed. It’s a community hub that keeps on giving to the people of Cambridge. 

If you want to join this cycle of generosity, make sure you visit Reload on Campbell Street in Cambridge and pay-it-forward while you’re there. They’re known for always getting their pour perfect, and making delicious food too.

Or, if you’re not in Waikato, head to our marketplace 👇 to see other generous businesses near you.

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