January 16, 2023

Meeting emotional need

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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‘Tis the season for lots of rushing. Fa lala lala la la la la. There’s something about the last few weeks of the year that makes you feel like you’re constantly moving at max speed, being swept up in the bustle of tasks, financial strain and timelines. Imagine how soothing it would feel to take an hour to yourself, lying back and having your face massaged. A dream right? 

For one recipient of a Features Inc facial (value $119), this became her reality thanks to the generosity of pay-it-forwards from their clients and their corporate partner Holland Beckett Law.

The voucher was distributed by The Salvation Army to a woman in need of a relaxing pick-me-up like this. Part of their mission is to meet human needs without discrimination. A facial provides a way to meet the emotional need of being cared for and made to feel special - something that can be quite out of reach for those going through a hard time.

The recipient said “thank you so much, the facial with Features Inc was absolutely lovely.”

If you want to be part of meeting an emotional need, while having that need met yourself, book in with Features Inc for a facial and pay-it-forward while you’re there. Even the smallest amounts adds up.

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