January 16, 2023

Doing food their way

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Mealtimes are not just about food; they’re also about being social, relaxed and nourished. For those who are neurodiverse or who are different in their thinking and ways of doing things, mealtimes may be a little challenging.


To help those in the neurodiverse community, Casual Kitchen in Tauranga recently paid-it-forward 17 meals to Mockingbird Tauranga, an organisation that was set up to support atypical children and their families. Meals - like those from Casual Kitchen - can assist them as they navigate life from a different perspective and deal with the toll this can take when others don’t understand.


Despite its name, there’s nothing casual about Casual Kitchen. Grant and his team are highly organised and focus on rustling up delicious and nutritious meals using fresh, local and seasonal produce. Dishes like Braised Chicken and Saffron Pie and Salmon and Potato Cakes with Orzo Pasta are frozen ready for purchase, either in store at 56 Devonport Road in Tauranga or online. You can even buy a week’s worth of meals if you’re not feeling like cooking yourself or just feel like a break from thinking about what to eat for you and your family.


Assisting Casual Kitchen in their generosity are corporate partners S&L Land Specialists and CSC Buying Group, both paying-it-forward to help those in need in the community.


Thanks to you and these generous businesses. Through their support, Mockingbird is able to continue to help young ones to make their own unique mark in life, adding to the richness and diversity of our communities.

To see the total impact your pay-it-forwards are having in the community, head to theGoGenerosity HUB here.

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