May 26, 2023

Questions to ask ourselves

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What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? Interesting questions we can all ask ourselves but more so for those whose lives have not always gone according to plan. Any plan.


These are the young people that Live For More is seeking to help. They want our rangatahi to feel valued and accepted for who they are right now. To do that, Live For More has developed a series of surf programmes that not only help these young ones develop their riding-the-waves skills but also to hone their self-discipline, team work and social skills. Live For More also offers counselling, mentoring and cultural knowledge so that these rangatahi can feel proud of not just who they are but where they have come from.


But having a passion and purpose and riding the waves means these youngsters need sustenance—and lots of it! Coming to the party with nutritious meals to feed these hungry Live For Mores is the Mercury Arena Café that paid-it-forward 17 meals to Live For More so that their protegees can keep reaching their potential.


Mercury Arena Café is a bright and modern eatery that is part of the Mercury Arena at 81 Truman Lane in Mount Maunganui—just keep a look out for the bright yellow signs! They’re used to catering for large groups and people with healthy appetites, just like the rangatahi at Live For More. But this isn’t just a one-off. Mercury Arena Café pays-it-forward meals to Live For More on the first Friday of the month—and that’s every month!


If you’re privileged enough to be part of an event at Mercury Arena, why not add a little to your bill to help them continue paying-it-forward to Live For More?

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